Table 5 Productivity Challenge

  1. How to Engage Senior Leadership team in a difficult change journey?
  • Need to define the change upfront to start on the right track – what is involved? Why are we doing it? What will enable?
  • Need strong engagement early to address issues; will develop solutions, create improved teamwork amongst all levels – look at the end goal (What is the measure of success – from and where we are going to), use the experience from all the team
  • Develop a forum with all departments in the site –will become part of the solution. Eg – Daily meeting each day already in place in some sites– enables issues to be raised up early. Provides timely feedback. Get an early win and show this early benefit – develop a bottom up resolution
  • Concentrate on the early adopters to become an advocate for you going forward and use them on the journey
  • Articulate a clear simple message – digestible, clear & regular message, keep it on point. Snr leaders need to be aligned in the sites –develop a clear site goal to allow alignment on the vision with Snr Mgmt.

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