Table 3 People Challenge

How to engage senior leadership team in difficult change journey?

a. Create cohesion within leadership team, be visible……..

b. Create awareness of the need for change, what are the benefits in the message, engage with everyone in overall strategy/approach

c. Generate benefit first within leadership group first, meaningful and felt leadership………not staged but real visible presence, train front line leaders what to expect and how to manage the change process

Summary: HOW this is achieved?

Model behaviour, leaders step up to the plate, agree overall coherent plan in order to achieve above points

What does your company need to do to develop and retrain top talent?

a.  Strategic review of knowledge & Skill Gap Assessment to achieve,  design training approach to meet strategic objectives, Implement training effectively, assess and evaluate training effectively.  Review strategy on iterative basis to identify cyclical gaps.

b. Coach leaders to engage staff to drive performance. Deelop skills matrix to align to strategy, insert programs. …….GROW Program in Boston Scientific …link training to business performance.

c. Learn by doing, op ex coaches, …focus on execution but also COACHING juniors

Summary: Use structured training model to design, develop, implement and build an evaluation strategy that maps to the organisational strategy/business requirement, and to develop the key interpersonal competencies to enable the trainee sustain the business process requirement.