Table 9

Challenge Responses:


Natasha Finn


Dermot O’Neill

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Table 9 Productivity Challenge

How to engage the senior leadership team in a difficult change journey? Show the Why Create the vision and high level strategy, Agree the transformation vision Alignment of the SLT is critical, Define their roles Engagement is critical. Identify champions and influencers Leaders must lead (walk the talk) by actively engaging, Mkar SLT accountable on …

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Table 9 People Challenge

What does your company need to do to develop and retrain Top Talent?  Reflection Identify the need Review current state (as is) talent availability/capability Build framework around the gap Look for best practice across all sectors Close the gap through a variety of initiatives

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Table 9 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies? Impact on the workforce/fear Upskilling and cross skilling Better Product Reliability and less rework Impact on education & training Technology size and investment costs  

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