Table 4

Challenge Responses


Kieran Noonan


David Jones

Views on Group Challenges (click below to read full report):


Table 4 Productivity Challenge

How to engage the senior leadership team in a difficult change journey? Realign expectations, responsibilities and roles as Leaders don’t recognize their own roles, sometimes they dictate rather than act. Agree on a platform to use  to communicate the journey you are on (tools, systems etc) and recognize the leadership journey required. Have the ability …

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Table 4 People Challenge

What does your company need to do to develop and retrain Top Talent? Succession planning, need to develop leadership skills.   Lateral moves can be a good thing, can be a hard sell at times but is a huge benefit to organizations; need to tell people it’s a developmental role. Implementation of Leaders standard work is a …

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Table 4 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies? Potential productivity improvements, opportunity for people to use new technologies, can also aid operational efficiency Opportunity for Ireland to be a leader in this technology, indigenous companies can access new markets Nervous about new technology, too much data can slow down decision making. Need to design with the …

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