Table 4 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies?

Potential productivity improvements, opportunity for people to use new technologies, can also aid operational efficiency

Opportunity for Ireland to be a leader in this technology, indigenous companies can access new markets

Nervous about new technology, too much data can slow down decision making.

Need to design with the operator involved, big challenge to integrate people with the rate of change.

The use of technology is totally changing the way we work, but we need it in a manner that people can use.

Traditional business model is being threatened by new technology but there are opportunities for both small companies to embrace the change quickly.

Need to change the skillset to deal with the new technology therefore practical implementation needs to be carefully planned.

Companies focused on automation but there is a scarcity of skillset to manage it as we have not maintained the development of people to sustain it, how do we bridge the gap.

Security concerns need to be taken into account as well as a deeper discussion on ethics related to AI