Table 5 People Challenge

  1. What does your company need to do to develop and retrain Top Talent
  • Developmental assignment program – short term ‘On The Job’ opportunities. Mentor programs. Allows teams to participate on short term basis. Secondments from shop floor; buddy system (3 months)
  • Clarify the roles and understand the need; do a skills gaps assessment and identity ways to close these gaps. What are core competencies and develop training around these for current and future needs (jobs that may not exist yet). Define a ROI of this program which shows the benefits
  • How do you identify top talent versus top performer? Creating a purpose to developing talent and succession planning. Develop horizontally not just vertical development.
  • Develop, Retain and Retrain –focus on the retain and look at the softer benefits – eg flexible working, work life balance
  • Need to create an awareness of openings in other groups/areas/dept., enable a forum to create that awareness of job rotations/movement