Table 7 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies?

  1. Fear in the leadership – they don’t want to appear like they don’t know whats going on
  2. There is a lack of visionary leadership within prgs on what automation can do
  3. Leadership needs to have greater awareness of what’s happening globally – suggest environmental scan, review mega trends. ensure leadership knows what comming so they can plan and communicate effectivly with staff.
  4. Cross functional teams will be needed for fixes – broader skillsets needed to problemsolve on automation tools. Higher risks if toolsgo down – new roles need to be multi-skilled – loss of tacit knowledge
  5. Labour pool will shrink
  6. Social implications – lone workers loss of social interaction
  7. Accountability – What is the acceptable social cost
  8. Education providers need to develop relevant modules and skillsets –
  9. Emotional Impact on all staff all ages – possibly this new era will attract millanials as they are already so used to automation.
  10. Keep mantra of “always develop yourself”
  11. How to build-in intuition that kis currently have into workplace