Table 2

Challenge Responses


Eamonn Murphy


Helen Brown

Views on Group Challenges (click below to read full report):

Table 2 Productivity Challenge

How to engage the senior leadership team in a difficult change journey? Bring the experience of of critical situation in to everyday operations would like  to have more detail on the how to….. The tricks and tips for success and for failure Build a common goal it is imperative to have  senior leadership team on …

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Table 2 People Challenge

Table 2 People Challenge What does your company need to do to develop and retrain Top Talent?  Identify who to up skill and it has to be a mixed solution with external, internal training examples Lean Business Programmes Lean Management Training Leadership Programmes Development planning with identified staff ascertain what they want for their future …

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Table 2 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies? Going forward it would  be helpful to have more detail re 3D printing in volume manufacturing. ethical issues noted in regard to simulated glove being used in military applications while being developed in a neutral country. one way in dealing with technology is looking at how could this …

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