Table 2 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies?

Going forward it would  be helpful to have more detail re 3D printing in volume manufacturing.

ethical issues noted in regard to simulated glove being used in military applications while being developed in a neutral country.

one way in dealing with technology is looking at how could this technology be applied to a problem that organisations

need to demystify  technology

need to hear from early adapters and how they are keeping up with technology how they  anticipated change and adapted.

With technological advancement we need manage  people effectively during change and make them accepting of change with familarisation, education

Could  our contribution to the Shingo  process be looking at people through technology

with technology advancements job specs are no longer static, roles are constantly changing

Worry that technology might affect other roles 3D printing reducing the need for warehousing and supply chain

Suggestions for further conferences

Pre conference  questionnaires on technology issues affecting organisations

Concentrate on 3 or 4 key upcoming/ game changing  technologies  and discuss at conference

People process change management and acceptance- link it together and re-inforce it





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