Organisational Perspectives from Table 2

Following a discussion of ‘The(r)Evolution of Performance Management to unleash Organisation & Individual Potential’ the group shared the following

Organisational Impact

  • 100% at the table felt appraisals were redundant
  • Appraisals are just ticking the box,  more regular informal appraisals, and regular updated goals is what is needed
  • 30 for 30 managers take out 30mins to spend time with employees- good idea
  • Do we really need it is it relevant what does it achieve, has it lost its power as  ll appraisals need to fit in
  • Need to simplify, setting Clear objectives
  • How to manage behaviour to improve business there is a  big disincentive to out shine other areas especially in production
  • Objectives already being managed, we need to change the culture – look behaviours of individuals
  • In one company appraisal is 25% of metrics 75% behaviours.  this company looked at 4 corporate behaviours + 10 Shingo principles.
  • Simple non-confrontational questions  were used  e.g. was everyone on time?
  • When we talk about behaviours – how do you define them, very difficult? Humans complex different personalities introvert Vs extrovert work very differently
  • Need guidance in helping employees change


  • People are human, how do we use motivation how to influence employees
  • Use Rewards and recognition to engage a simple thank you means a lot
  • Don’t have enough time to spend with people to motivate. Managers are missing out on opportunities to support employees because of time constraints
  • Performance management is broken. When there’s no time, we don’t do it, it’s not valuable.  We need to revisit it and its importance
  • Power of language, do our employees really hear the good review?
  • Important to motivate employees in real time
  • In multi nationals – it’s a franchise need to Feed in to corporate norm and methodology sometimes we have no control
  • Better result if given Real time
  • Productivity can drop if appraisals is spread out over long time frame
  • False rewards – demotivating
  • Team goals becomes impossible goal for individual
  • Individual goals must be aligned to orgs strategic goals
  • All people different, Engagement key to all , Investing in people and how we treat our people is way ahead
  • All about people, tools and framework in last presentation was important  to help interact positively with employees