Table 3

Challenge Responses:


Noel Hennessey


Julie O’Mahony

Views on Group Challenges (click below to read full report):


Table 3 Productivity Challenge

How to engage the senior leadership team in a difficult change journey?

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Table 3 People Challenge

How to engage senior leadership team in difficult change journey? a. Create cohesion within leadership team, be visible…….. b. Create awareness of the need for change, what are the benefits in the message, engage with everyone in overall strategy/approach c. Generate benefit first within leadership group first, meaningful and felt leadership………not staged but real visible …

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Table 3 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies? Where are the jobs going to be in? What investment in Human Capital is required for the future if the established jobs of today no longer exist. Is there a think tank needed to review a potential future strategy…what are the skills needed for the future…are our universities …

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