Table 10 Technology Challenge

What is the impact of new technologies?

  • Mechanical arms being installed – workforce didn’t contract as needed human intervention and business expanding
  • New technologies require training and testing – so not always time saving
  • Impacts on all facets of business
  • Involving people who will be using technology early on = more success
  • IT systems don’t necessarily solve problems
  • Monotonous or repetitive tasks – ideal for automation- speed up work/higher quality
  • Workforce have to upskill – brings energy but also fear
  • Technology changing so quickly – need to be tuned into this – as “new” technology could be old in 2 year’s time
  • You don’t know what you don’t know – How can you build a culture that embraces change, if you don’t know change
  • Technology sometimes means people don’t get to root cause – problem solving skills are reduced
  • Example of big threat to can was innovation of plastic bottle. Now backlash against plastic bottles. Innovation not always long-term
  • Last line of defense was the person checking before it went to customer. Total automation could miss this
  • Retraining people to run robots
  • Expectation of workers who will not be willing to do certain monotonous jobs
  • Should industry focus on Recognition of Prior Learning to move people into other jobs
  • Lots of data available;  but no information..?













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