Organisational Perspectives from Table 4

Following a discussion of  ‘The power of influencing and Motivating’  the group felt that the impact on the organisation was: mutually beneficial, thought provoking, inspired some small simple changes and awareness of your own presence.  Other points included

  • Body language, must be positive, personal buy in, how you are excited about it
  • Something small first then big bang, building trust, respect
  • Know their beliefs before you start
  • Realistic, honest feedback to build trust
  • Influence v manipulation, WIFIM, how can they be part of creating that change, vested interst.
  • Language, Impact of small words, positive and negative impacts, be affirmative, understand the dynamic.
  • Expertise in creating the environment to have willing participant

Group 2 felt the topic area was powerful if it is done right, must educate and have confidence to do it right.  Awareness and ability to deliver the message was crucial and it must be consistently relayed.  Creating the correct cultural awareness was also cited as important.  Other points included

  • Expertise at the right level, being persuasive, understand your gaps
  • Knowing your audience, understanding the levels, format the message to the mood.
  • Alignment in the messaging from leadership, common language, not just one department but all
  • Deliver on what you say you will
  • Confidence in the leadership, people will listen more to a confident speaker
  • Better communications, correct sequence
  • Messaging, how important and how it is relayed
  • Consistency and commitment
  • Confidence to give the negative messaging first followed by the positive, setting the expectation, feel good factor