Table 4 People Challenge

What does your company need to do to develop and retrain Top Talent? Succession planning, need to develop leadership skills.   Lateral moves can be a good thing, can be a hard sell at times but is a huge benefit to organizations; need to tell people it’s a developmental role.

Implementation of Leaders standard work is a very useful tool to help new leaders, its great way to get new leaders aligned.  Allow employees to gain confidence in a leadership role on a trial basis e.g effective coverage during vacation periods.  Can be used in all organizations within the company.

Clear sense of company/site purpose and direction in order to identify the training needs of the business to align to the long-term vision

Throw away the traditional way of thinking, go and talk to the employees, create a positive feedback loop.  Share the long-term vision with all employees can encourage them to seek out training and up skilling.

Ability to identify individuals for training, sometimes people have trouble identifying training opportunities, need to have outside eyes.

Need to develop the soft skills for high performing individuals but need to use “what’s in it for me”!

Ask the employees first before developing a training package to ensure the relevant training is setup to align with the strategy and the direction for the company.