Table 6 Productivity Challenge

Productivity Challenge – How to engage the senior leadership in a difficult change journey?

  • Education and knowledge for senior leaders.
  • Ensuring the change journey is part of daily, weekly meetings and always on the agenda.
  • Focus on hearts and minds of people.
  • Cross functional understanding from all within the organisation. Know where people fit in to the change journey and their roles within it.
  • People influence people.
  • Leaders need resilience training and skilling to deal with the change.
  • Tier approach used and clear vision for the organisation.
  • Leadership understand that the end result is business excellence and It’s not all about manufacturing.
  • Part of senior team reviews and topic is on their agenda.
  • Introduce recognition for changes made.
  • Training, development, awareness and knowledge essential for all staff.
  • Why change is important and what will the end results be.
  • What is in it for the person – reinforcement.
  • How is the idea implemented and measure how this is done always a challenge.
  • How do we measure the change and show the statistics relating to it.
  • Visibility of the process is key.
  • Show vulnerability.
  • Celebrate success of an idea.
  • Leadership is not an office based role.
  • Continuous Imporvement.

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