Table 6 People Challenge

What does your company need to do to develop and retrain Top Talent?

  • If already in a role there is a need to be retrained and reminded about cultural fit & behaviours.
  • Strong job description and development plan required for the role.
  • What the employee need to do to get to next level.
  • Identification is key in that what is required for the relevant role.
  • Awareness from senior team on what is required to develop current talent.
  • Be aware of generational gaps.
  • Different approaches and styles of training – ie. videoing, bespoke training and online.
  • Coaching and mentoring during and after the training.
  • Development of A3 and ensure team is at the correct level.
  • Cross discipline approach – training of staff in different departments within the organisation.
  • ROI on training and savings achieved.
  • Encourage employees to view the training as a reward and recognition
  • Allow time to the staff to do the training.
  • Offer opportunity to people internally to do learning within the organisation within a particular field.
  • On the job learning along with classroom training. 70:20:10 approach.
  • Encourage staff to work within other roles to develop skills further.
  • One company have a regional leaders program in place.
  • Encourage alignment within organisation.
  • Important for the person to identify own training needs and development path.
  • What is in it for the employee?



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